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Half Lives

(or, Ernest Oliver Wineberg's Book of Necessary Knowledge)

a Graphic Novel
written by Barbara Begley

art by J. Brooks Robinson, Shakhed Hadaya, and Barbara Begley

Half Lives is the first comic book project I've been lucky enough to work on!  I joined my talented friends Barbara & Shakhed in adapting Barbara's play into a graphic novel, and together we made hundreds of pages full of interdimensional magic, hijinks, and heartfelt feels!

These preview pages feature inks by me (mostly digital) and most pencil work by me.  Colors were a collaborative effort, with a round of final highlights & touch-ups by me.

Half Lives is multifaceted -- there are books within this book -- so it's a beautiful showcase not only of each of our individual styles, but also of the collaborative, exponential magic that took us to dimensions we'd never dream up on our own.


Safe to say, my own work was inspired and elevated by Barbara & Shakhed's creative visions.   I learned so much working on 'Half Lives', and I also got a taste of what there is to learn next!

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